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Delfina Ameijeiras, Fernanda Lobianco, Daniela Morán, Camila Pilar Sueyro, Bruno Wlaschitz, montage (students)
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With this system of hanging carafes and natural filters you can reuse your domestic grey water. The water begins the cycle dirty and ends with a very different quality. It is not drinkable, but it has certain uses, such as watering gardens and cleaning patios.


The objective of the workshop is to contribute to our understanding of the water cycle and to increase our awareness of the fact that water is a scarce resource and is fundamental for life.

In this way, through a very simple experience, water that would normally end up in the sewage network is treated and reused; in short, it is given value. Small gestures can bring about big changes.


  • Three 5-litre plastic carafes
  • String (approximately 18 m)
  • Metal clothes hanger or curtain rail and hook
  • Thick gravel (20 – 60 mm)
  • Medium-sized gravel (8 – 20 mm)
  • Fine gravel (2 – 8 mm)
  • Mosquito net
  • Cotton
  • Activated charcoal
  • Asparagus plant (Aspargus sprengeri) and water lily (Zantedeschia aethiopica)

Tools: cutter



PREPARE materials - Clean the gravel. - Cut the bottles in half. - Perforate the bottle caps.


HANG the containers - The system consists of 3 upper halves (filter) and a lower half (collector). - Cut six 1-metre-long pieces of string, intertwine them and tie them to the hook. - The containers are placed vertically 25-30 cm apart and held by the plaited string. The system is hung on the clothes hanger or curtain rail.


FILL the filter carafes Fill the carafes with layers in the following order: Upper and lower carafes: - Fine gravel (5-cm layer) - Medium-sized gravel (5-cm layer) - Thick gravel (5-cm layer) - Fine grille - Activated charcoal - Grill wrapped in the gauze - Cotton Middle carafe: - Soil (8-cm layer) with the aquatic plant - Fine grille - Thick gravel (5-cm layer) - Medium-sized gravel (5-cm layer) - Grill wrapped in the gauze - Cotton

Checkout the system

– Pour the dirty water into the top bottle.
– The water must go through the different layers until it pours into the collection bottle.
– Check that the water comes out clear (not suitable for drinking).


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Type of elements used (carafes, string, filters, plants)

Domestic space in which it was carried out (patio, terrace, garden, etc.)

Colour of the purified water

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