As part of the Environmental Health Clinic, by Natalie Jeremijenko, for the After the End of the World exhibition, City Station is a space for citizen action, aimed around environmental improvement in Barcelona. Based in the Passatge Trullàs, in the Sant Martí District, City Station is home to a range of solutions for environmental improvement, through different activities and workshops.

More than one hundred participants, scientific centres, schools, neighbourhood groups and different entities are involved in the initiative, to respond as a group to the huge challenges related to the COP21 objectives for cities. These goals include increasing the leaf area index (xGreen), the decontamination of urban land (xLand), increasing biodiversity (xBiodiversity) and improving air quality (xAir).

Join in the citizen actions by applying these ‘recipes’!

The Environmental Health Clinic x Barcelona is a project by Natalie Jeremijenko.

Curator: Josep Perelló

Director: Amanda Masha-Caminals

Website: Domestic Data Streamers

Production: Torrecilla Espais

Architectural design: Guillermo Santomà

Landscape architecture: Burés Innova

Photographic documentation: Claudia PM Santibáñez

Graphic design: Miguel Ayesa Usechi

Mediation: Tasca Projectes

City Station is a coproduction by the CCCB and the Barcelona Culture Institute, Department of Ecology, Urban Planning and Mobility, of Barcelona City Council and the district of Sant Martí. With the collaboration of the Office of Citizen Sciences of the Barcelona Culture Institute (ICUB), the Taula Eix Pere IV and the neighbours of Passatge Trullàs.

The xAir activity is possible thanks to the sponsorship of DKV and 4sfera, and the collaboration of Mobile Week Barcelona, the Global Health Institute (ISGlobal), Mapping for Change, Open Systems UB, the 5th Science Congress of the Barcelona Education Consortium, and the participation of the following Barcelona schools: The Els Horts and Sant Martí schools in the Sant Martí district, the El Sagrer and Can Fabra schools in Sant Andreu, the Calderón and Timbaler del Bruc schools in Nou Barris, the Pau-Casals Gràcia and Sagrada Família schools in Gràcia, the Joan Miró and Fort Pienc schools in Eixample, the Dolors Monserdà Santa Pau and Nabí schools in Sarrià-Sant Gervasi, the Seat and Jacint Verdaguer schools in Sants-Montjuïc, the Àngels Garriga school in Horta-Guinardó, TBC Ciutat Vella and Les Corts and Lavínia TBC schools in Les Corts.

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